August 10, 2022

Fourth goblin knife

A side project I started a few months ago when I bought a Nidavellir detail knife blade from Green Haven Forge. I finished carving the goblin head a few days ago.

April 7, 2022

New smoking pipe commission

My latest handcarved smoking pipe commission is done. 😁

March 11, 2022

First Smoking Pipes - Showcase

I completed my first hand carved smoking pipes. Two of them represents Cthulhu, one in morta and the other in cherry. I also did a pipe out of olive wood with a huge maw on it.

Two of those are on sale. Please check the Shop section if you are interested.

February 9, 2022

Carving knives tool rack

Today's video is not about carving itself but about tool racks to store carving tools. I explain how I made it so that fellow woodcarvers can make their own. 

January 24, 2022

Goblin knives - Showcase

I finished my new carving knives handles project. I recently acquired a wood lathe and decided to do handles for my knives. I also used the lathe to remove the bulk of the waste on the heads which is what gives them their peculiar cylindrical heads. The smaller blades are from Deepwood Ventures and the larger one from Green Haven Forge.